Atlab cares about more than just profits and results. We care about creating the best environment for our employees. So they can perform at their best – both in and outside of work. Because in order to perform and generate great results in the long run, there is a need for a healthy balance. We know this from experience.


Work-life balance

For some people, work-life-balance is having a 9 to 5 job with no deadlines and few responsibilities, with their private life held separately. However, that is not reality for most successful finance people, who are used to working more than most, and with a high degree of responsibility.

So, where does this paradox leave you and your career ambitions? Well, we cannot promise you a cushy job without deadlines, but we can promise a career path full of exciting professional challenges as well as clients and colleagues committed to close collaboration. And we can promise to actively create an edgy and fun work culture with a lot of room for the individual and with respect for everyone’s needs.

Ultimately, we promise you the opportunity to work in a modern consultancy with integrity and ambition – where one does not exclude the other.

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