The Atlab

The Atlab Network connects experienced finance professionals who believe in delivering best-in-class execution to their clients. It is where we meet and talk about finding the best solutions to our common challenges.

Fixing a broken system

With the network and the model behind it, we disrupt an old and broken system by ‘cutting the pie’ differently and offering better terms to our consultants, financially and personally. So they can perform at their best and thrive – both in and outside of work.

It is one of our most fundamental and pivotal ideas and a much needed boost to the financial consulting industry. We’re proud to see how the network thrives by adding more value and bigger benefits for both our clients and consultants.

Here are seven reasons why joining the Atlab Network makes a lot of sense:

  1. Fair allocation of earnings to the executive consultant:
    Why get a small piece of pie, if a bigger one is on the table?
  2. Share of earnings if you refer a customer or a task to Atlab:
    Benefit from knowing the right people.
  3. Share of earnings if you refer a consultant to Atlab:
    Make it worth knowing the bright people.
  4. No unnecessary customer clauses: Cooperation at eye level means only having clauses on tasks actually performed for Atlab.
  5. We only work with experienced consultants: Experience and academy does not go hand in hand, and our model ensures that we attract the most talented.
  6. When you perform tasks for Atlab, there is always a strong support base to interact with: You are not alone.
  7. Inspiring and engaging networking events: Professional sparring and socializing is encouraged.

Simply put: We believe that those who contribute should be rewarded fairly and proportionally. If you feel the same, contact us to join the Atlab Network.

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