We work every day to support and develop the finance function of the future. And we know that every company’s needs are unique, so let’s talk about yours.

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Our services

Whether you are in need of CFO services like accounting, budgetting and controlling or HR Services like recruitment, performance management and cultural development, we can help. Urgent or long-term? We know just who to dispatch.


The general use of interim services is temporary or short-term assistance to a specific position with a typical duration of 3, 6 or 9 months. The service is especially used in cases where companies experience an extraordinary workload where extra resources are needed, or to keep a stable organization when a critical resignation, long-term illness or similar unforeseen event happens. 

We believe, however, that interim services can be much more, and therefore we help companies not only in urgent or pressured situations, but also during growth and as a wheel of options, where ressources with different skill sets can be employed to help you and your company in the unique journey you are on.

Project teams

We often see companies allocating unexpected, unfamiliar project tasks to existing employees, but in our view, this is rarely a good solution. It is far from certain that an existing employee possesses the special competencies required for the specific project – and should you be so lucky that this is the case, the extra tasks typically go on top of operational tasks that the employee was originally hired for. This can often lead to stress, poor working environment, dissatisfaction and in worst cases resignations. 

Therefore, we always recommend acquiring project resources with the special skills needed for the specific project. This relieves the existing organization, while management ensures that all projects are handled by people with the right competencies. In addition, using specialized project teams ensures momentum and focus, which reduces the risk of projects failing. As an extra bonus, most companies utilizing this type of dynamic organization are able to reduce the core team.


Traditionally, organizing a finance team is about allocating tasks to the permanent employees available. If an employee then starts getting too busy, you hire a new colleague. The problem with this way of organizing is that a lot of tasks are typically allocated to a team member who is not necessarily specialized in that field, simply because “someone has to do it”. 

In Atlab, we change the old way of organizing your finance team. Simply because we believe it is crucial to always ask what competencies are needed at what time. For example, the pressure is often on the finance team around monthly or quarterly closings. The solution to this can sometimes be to add more permanent employees, but in most cases it is not. Instead, the peak pressure can be better relieved by adding highly specialized competencies during the relevant period. As a permanent part of the team organization, but only added when the competencies are needed. We call it Resourcing.

We can help rethink and structure your finance team in a future-proof way. We specialize in both recruiting permanent employees as well as providing specialists for the right job at the right time.